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TFS 2010 VS2012 Windows 8–Get specific version doesn’t get it!

Trying to get specific with both checkboxes V-ed didn’t get the Resolve Conflicts windows ,

only some pale message in the Output Windows saying – “ you have a pending edit ”

Goggled it up –>

Found the cache and deleted it . Didn’t solve anything.

Talked to a wise man at the place of work.

By his words only when Check In performed the Resolve Conflicts appears for merge , if you are in a check out mode by the file the merge won’t be performed .

Is it so ? Did you try to get latest with checked out file and got “ you have a pending edit  “ ?

How can I get somebody else’s changes when I am in the middle ?


My solution was to shelve the pending checkouts and I will return it after the “Get Specific Version”.  What would you do ?


Branch project after Checked Out–with Shelving in Visual Studio 2010


If you’ve preformed a lot of changes, but for now you want to reverse the changes without loosing them , one of your choises is to branch it.

The trouble is that the branch won’t take your present Local Version.

The solution is :

1)Download the TFTP.Exe install and restart the computer.

2)Shelve your work


3)Give meaningful name to the Shelveset – Such as PostSharp Insertion in my case…


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