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Getting Started with PhoneGap–problems and solutions–Windows 7 64 bit

  • Well , first of all I’ve got problem activating Eclipse – fixed it as explained in a previous post .
  • I’ve discovered that even though you download the PhoneGap from their site or even from gitHub (even a forked one) , you still will have missing files –specifically the bin folder of the PhoneGap will stay empty . You can download it from my fork – here one by one (idiotic and sisyphean,but didn’t find other way ) .
  • When you’ve downloaded it don’t try to run it through the command line – it won’t work . Everyone is talking about the git Bash . Went through this tutorial on installing Git on Windows.

Didn’t have the option for installation.

Just entered the PortableGit-1.7.6-preview20110709 folder and run git-bash.bat

Then do the following :



    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /usr
    $ cd c:

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c
    $ cd NetProjects\Android\phonegap-0.9.6\phonegap-0.9.6\Android
    bash: cd: NetProjectsAndroidphonegap-0.9.6phonegap-0.9.6Android: No such file o

    The slush must be forward slush – “/” , so :

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c
    $ cd NetProjects/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap
    phonegap-0.9.6/   phonegap_workspaces/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap
    phonegap-0.9.6/   phonegap_workspaces/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap-0.9.6

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6
    $ cd phonegap-0.9.6/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6
    $ cd Android/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6/Android
    $ ruby "D:\MyDocuments\MyInstallers\Jquery\phonegap-1.0.0rc1\phonegap-1.0.0rc1\
    Android\Sample\bin\droidgap" "C:\NetProjects\Android\android-sdk\tools" "namete
    st" "packagenameTest"  "C:\NetProjects\WebSite1" "C:\NetProjects\Android\phoneg

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6/Android

also Go to  this tutorial – very helpful



Tried to run some empty application from Visual Studio into eclipse .

Failed on jquery javascript files.


So I went for the Demo they give you in the eclipse .

Made a workspace  with DemoProject . Got it right – without the js errors .


Now , I’d like to see what did I get .

So , apparently to receive the emulator you need to do this :image



Got stuck and got this:



Working with Eclipse windows 7 64 bit problem


So in my efforts to start working with mobile devices one of the esseseties is Eclipse .

I’m new to this .

I’ve downloaded the biggest eclipse available from here .

For full list go to this link


So I’ve downloaded and extracted the zip . Pressed the eclipse.exe and..


A Java Runtime Environment (JRE) or Java Development Kit (JDK)
must be available in order to run Eclipse. No Java virtual machine
was found after searching the following locations:
javaw.exe in your current PATH

What’s that all about ..

Started digging around and found this post at the stackoverflow .

I’ve done it all -  all the anoying suggestions about altering your path and building java home , and letting the decide for you what to install ..

Got dispeared and went home .

At last went on the suggestion about downloading different java for 64 bit at this link


Apperantly if you use IE that installed as x86 then it will install 32 bit java version that won’t work with 64 bit Eclipse .

Windows 7 64 bit – microphone suddenly stopped working

I’ve tried uninstalling the microphone and restarting the computer .

I’ve tried all kind of reconfigurations of the volume settings in the control panel .

Well after about hundred posts the solution was easy –


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