We need to stop working with the SBO asap!!

So, the goal is to stop working with SAP.


1. Not clear and expensive lisences for each custom “module” that one of the providers create and then there is no going back, because after few months that provider got you by your “cohones”.. You, as a company, became dependent on him and can’t re implement the business logic.

2. Any change to that module will cost you more time and money, and will get you through a hell of bad support, opening tickets with several contact guys, connecting through your company IT firewall, waisiting time connecting to internal servers etc..

3. If you use, God forbid, a cloud, and publishing there your app services, you would need to implement a custom API connection to the SBO, which again will take through that whole Neverending and uncontrollable nightmare..

Now that we now that SAP is 😈 evil..

So, what can you do..? What would be your alternative?