1.The product grows

2.The CI/CD needs to have regression

3.The development sprints are enlarged from 1 to 2 weeks now,  as per classic Agile methodology.


The regressions test at this point are manual, complicated and are taking a lot of time.


We will integrate automated tests

E2e front-end tests-possible tests: isf/entry wizard with correct data test

Isf/entry wizard each time with all wrong details to check Validations

BE unit tests and integration tests:

1.Send filings to third party and validate the answer

2.Check state machine switch for each case after return from provider

After the first tests, we will be in place, where for each check-in and commit we will run the automated tests indicating for the developers the issues in their code, prior to even merging it to test env. – set a gateway for commit.

At the moment we’ll have key 🗝 automated tests we will be able to switch to small features in the middle of the sprint.

Next steps.. Action items:

1.Locate the key moments to test

2.Descibe several test cases

3.Investigate and choose products to test with them

4. Define the types of tests and their architecture

5.Plan the architecture of integration of the tests in your CI/CD process to allow check list prior  to commit/deploy

6. Create working procedures for tester, developer, product manager, project manager and scrum master each on their side of the test.

7. Start small.. Baby steps

8. Plan reusable tests, plan development to minimize tests breaking

9.Set time for tests – about 33% of development

10. Start with writing test for existing code, then write test for planned code.

11. Cover code with tests.

12. Always remember – we are all part of the same team, pm, dev, test, product and even marketing and the CEO.

Those bullet-points should get you started