Such an obvious but yet so important question, that always make product managers minds work around the clock :

Well, Yael Wagner who is a Director of Product at FICO and defines herself as  Tenacious Product Maestro answers that on a SILO  network with a short mantra of don’t dos in two words slogan :


Just loved it!

So what is too much ?

Apparently , the apps that are getting uninstalled are the ones that:

  1. Consume too much battery.
  2. Send too many reminders, updates, alerts.
  3. Release updates too often.
  4. Crashes too often; and…
  5. Gets me too hooked.
  6. Apps that require too much time/effort to figure out. “It’s the UX, [stupid]!” If the journey to the happy place of mastering the app is too complicated, unclear.
  7. For freemium apps: forcing the “but there’s more” too often, too pushy [and requiring too many clicks to exit the “buy more” loop.
  8. Still on freemium: too much, too frequent “rate me, please rate me. aren’t you having so much fun with me? please rate me.”

Sounds just so correct and out of the field experience.

What would you add?

All the credit to the wise –