For  usage of commands in cmd with ElasticSearch you should install curl.

Better put it in c:\ for convenience .

You should download ES   from here and install it.

You can check it in chrome – http://localhost:9200/


run it in cmd  c:\curl -X GET http://localhost:9200/

Run few commands to automatize the process and make it easier to work with :

1) running as a service on windows

c:\elasticsearch-{version}bin>service install
2)install plugins 
You better get the basics 
bin/plugin --install mobz/elasticsearch-head
bin/plugin --install lukas-vlcek/bigdesk


installing marvel will give you the tools that ES itself promotes

bin/plugin -i elasticsearch/marvel/latest


3)In VS2013 quick launch – type nuget – choose Package Manager


Install-Package NEST –Version  1.2.1

it will get you the .net api for elasticsearh. the version is optional . without it gets the latest  version