is it possible to allow more than 1 internal IP to have a similar port forwarded to it?  for example, I have two devices within my LAN that run ubuntu and I’d like to be able to access them both using SSH (port 22).  Is it possible to set up the forward to go to two different LAN IPs?  It was giving me conflict errors


I like to use the advanced settings, and still use the DHCP. Under Advanced Setting > IP Address Distribution > Connection List, you would edit the connection for the device that is assigned an IP address. There you select assign static. The only issue I find with that configuration, it does not allow you to change the IP you wish to assign, like you would in a real DHCP server. But it does allow you to set the IP as static based on the MAC address.

In regards to your SSH servers. An incoming port is an incoming port and can only go to or be forwarded to one device. 

Say SSH server 1 is running on you would forward Any to that IP from port 22

Say SSH server 2 is running on you would forward Any to that IP from port 2022

If you are running say WinSCP to access your SSH boxes, or what ever program, you would just use public IP:22 for SSH1, or public IP:2022 for SSH2. This would just allow you to use an alternate port for the second server, thus preventing any conflict. You will need to set your second Ubuntu box SSH server to listen on port 2022. I never used the standard port on my internet connected SSH servers anyway. To much of a security issue. It would indicate exactly what server you are running. Pretty much pick an alternate port you wish. I was running SSH, and used to set it at Windows RDP port 3389 just to confuse people trying to hack the port. Plus that RDP port was one outgoing port my employer was not blocking at the time.;-) Thus I could make a SSH connection over the RDP port and they would have no clue with the 2048 encryption set. Now everything is blocked and filtered. So they blocked all the holes.

To change the SHH port:

Once you have root access open the file /etc/ssh/sshd_config and search for Port, it should show 22 as the default value. Change 22 to any port you want that is not already being used on the system.

If you wish to use a SSH tunnel, for VNC remote desk top. You may not want to use an RDP port address.

Example for router to forward port 2022 to your second server.