In previous post I have started the SPA  course by John Papa .

You can read my posts on the subject here

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Well before going on , I wanted to install the Getting CodeCamper project to fill from close .


So I got the code from GitHub just by login and getting the zip file

UPDATE: Pay attetion!  -  this is not a full project , don’t use it – this one seems to be good. download this one!


Then opened it and got lost with all the missing references.

The trouble was that there was all the needed packages configurations , but yet the NuGet didn’t know how to handle it automatically .





so the solution

Enabling Package Restore During Build

In Visual Studio, enable "Allow NuGet to download missing packages during build". This setting lives under Options -> Package Manager -> General.



Project Setup

Let’s assume that you have a solution that is either already using NuGet, or planning to use it, and that you want to set up the no-commit workflow.

Right click on the Solution node in Solution Explorer and select Enable NuGet Package Restore.

Enable NuGet Package Restore Context Menu item

and there it was – my CodeCamper was healthy again



…keeping playing

You can read my posts on the subject here

  <—SPA 1 – Getting Started                    SPA 2 – Technologies and Patterns –>