If you’ve preformed a lot of changes, but for now you want to reverse the changes without loosing them , one of your choises is to branch it.

The trouble is that the branch won’t take your present Local Version.

The solution is :

1)Download the TFTP.Exe install and restart the computer.

2)Shelve your work


3)Give meaningful name to the Shelveset – Such as PostSharp Insertion in my case…


4)Branch to some other folder


5)From command line go to your original folder

6)From your original folder in cmd activate this pattern :

tfpt unshelve /migrate MyShelveset "/source:$/project/trunk" "/target:$/project/branch"

You can see the full paths in VS itself :



7)You”ll get Shelveset window


8)Unshelve (it will go to "/target:$/project/branch")

* it’s important to be able to resolve all conflicts .

9)Check the code in the Branched folder – it should keep all your checked out items and new code inside the files .

9)Go to your original folder in tfs and Undo Pending Changes.

10)We’ve created a branched version with all your changes and you have the original version in the original folder you’ve started from .

11)Now you can wait for some issue to be resolved , while you go on working on the current version with your team .