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  • Well , first of all I’ve got problem activating Eclipse – fixed it as explained in a previous post .
  • I’ve discovered that even though you download the PhoneGap from their site or even from gitHub (even a forked one) , you still will have missing files –specifically the bin folder of the PhoneGap will stay empty . You can download it from my fork – here one by one (idiotic and sisyphean,but didn’t find other way ) .
  • When you’ve downloaded it don’t try to run it through the command line – it won’t work . Everyone is talking about the git Bash . Went through this tutorial on installing Git on Windows.

Didn’t have the option for installation.

Just entered the PortableGit-1.7.6-preview20110709 folder and run git-bash.bat

Then do the following :



    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /usr
    $ cd c:

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c
    $ cd NetProjects\Android\phonegap-0.9.6\phonegap-0.9.6\Android
    bash: cd: NetProjectsAndroidphonegap-0.9.6phonegap-0.9.6Android: No such file o

    The slush must be forward slush – “/” , so :

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c
    $ cd NetProjects/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap
    phonegap-0.9.6/   phonegap_workspaces/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap
    phonegap-0.9.6/   phonegap_workspaces/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects
    $ cd Android/phonegap-0.9.6

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6
    $ cd phonegap-0.9.6/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6
    $ cd Android/

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6/Android
    $ ruby "D:\MyDocuments\MyInstallers\Jquery\phonegap-1.0.0rc1\phonegap-1.0.0rc1\
    Android\Sample\bin\droidgap" "C:\NetProjects\Android\android-sdk\tools" "namete
    st" "packagenameTest"  "C:\NetProjects\WebSite1" "C:\NetProjects\Android\phoneg

    Tzvi@TZVI-PC /c/NetProjects/Android/phonegap-0.9.6/phonegap-0.9.6/Android

also Go to  this tutorial – very helpful



Tried to run some empty application from Visual Studio into eclipse .

Failed on jquery javascript files.


So I went for the Demo they give you in the eclipse .

Made a workspace  with DemoProject . Got it right – without the js errors .


Now , I’d like to see what did I get .

So , apparently to receive the emulator you need to do this :image



Got stuck and got this:



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