Create a new WebSite at IIS 7 (no , virtual directory is not good enough)


  1. Define site name
  2. Connect to physical path
  3. Define redirect site name – Host Name


The Host Name is the new url address for your site . It”ll work through port 80 , as defined at the picture.

You can enter another port , if you wish.

Port 80 is a default port for http protocol unsecured traffic . (Second default port is 8080)

Port 443 is a default port for https ssl enabled , secured with certificates traffic . 



New Website called WebDDD

Edit Site(right pane) –> Bindings… –> YourNewRedirectName “DDD” on port 80

Add –> You can add more redirects with different names and ports.



Now we should see the IP of our server

Start –> run –> cmd  –> ping YourServerName –> get the YourServerNameIP

Goto –> Your local terminal –>  C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc –> open hosts with Notepad –>

add a line

YourServerNameIP    YourNewRedirectName

Now you’ve connected the Local Terminal with the Server Binding .

That’s it . On your local PC you can access the web site through http://DDD

and you’ll go to http://WebDDD  .


If you get some security message from IIS – > check in the File System –> Your WebSite folder –> properties –> security –> Domain Users


If you are working with Server you should define the DNS in your Active Directory also..