I’ve found a few technologies that can give you the option of handling the browser crush or actually working for some time offline , without some fancy monstress framework implemented synchronizing every thing you do. You’ll probably need to implement sync by yourself..

List of the Technologies :

1)jStorage – store data locally with JavaScript


2)Alternative Client-Side Storage using Sessvars.js

IE7 gave up at 32 Mb with a “out of memory” error. Firefox gave up at 32-64 Mb -sometimes crashed there about – otherwise threw an “out of memory” error.Safari gave up at 64 Mb and crashed. Opera has a limit built in (wise) and gave up after 2 Mb, throwing the error “Object to large (implementation limit.)”


3) My Sample – implementing the example published by parts in Apples site.

tutorial of Apple for Safari explaining how to work with Isolated Storage.





Now , when you have my research , go crush your browsers freely !