station name



Terminal1 tk


Win 7 64bit

Server 1 tw


Win Server 2008 R2  64 bit

Server 2 tt


Win Server 2008  32 bit


Terminal 2 aa


Win Xp Professional 32 bit



We are starting using TFS build templates  , so that we need to install the ODP.NET on the tfs server . So the most updated version for now to install is I think.

I’ve found

32-bit ODAC 11.2 Release 3 ( Installation Instructions, Setup, and Notes

December 2010

at your site .

What version of ODP.NET does it contain ?
What versions of the OS does it support?

What previous versions of ODP.NET does it support ?


Answer of Oracle team :

Best choice if OS Range is from XP to W2008R2 / W7 and both 32bit and 64bit software is used,ODP.NET 2.112.2 or higher should be used – since ODAC exists for 32bit and 64bit Platformsand it supports .NET 2.x and 4.X this underlines the recommendation.

The only limitation is the used database – 11.2.0.X cannot access DB and less and DB – but since 9.2 is desupported since years and 10.2 will be in extends support in July 2011 this should not play a role.
Future Version of ODAC maybe (maybe end of 2011) – or 12.1 (no target date) –
depending if there is a need for ODP or not.

The ODP.NET nomenclature is
Oracle 9.2.0.X: ODP.NET
Oracle 10.1 / .NET 1.X : ODP.NET 1.101.X.Y
Oracle 10.1 / .NET 2.X : ODP.NET 2.101.X.Y
Oracle 10.2 / .NET 1.X : ODP.NET 1.102.X.Y
Oracle 10.2 / .NET 2.X : ODP.NET 2.102.X.Y
Oracle 11.1 / .NET 1.X : ODP.NET 1.111.X.Y
Oracle 11.1 / .NET 2.X : ODP.NET 2.111.X.Y
Oracle 11.2 / .NET 2.X : ODP.NET 2.112.X.Y
Oracle 11.2 / .NET 4.X : ODP.NET 4.112.X.Y

The X describe the patch set level – for example for X=Y
And the Y describes a internal revision – ODAC and Full Client sometimes differed – for example Full Client Y=0 and ODAC = 20 etc..
Next, if there are 9.2 DB on the system I would suggest you lift the DB to – or upgrade it to since 9.2 is desupported since years
Installation of two ODP.NET can be done – but in that case you have to ensure that ORACLE_HOME and PATH is set correctly
before a specific app is started using a special ODP.NET