Tips and Tricks in a world of Mix

    1. Gave the mapping file the extension .hbm.xml
    2. Set the build action to ‘Embedded Resource’
    3. Set the copy-to-output to ‘Copy Always’
    4. Created the Hbm for SP:

<?xml version=1.0encoding=utf-8?>
hibernate-mapping xmlns=urn:nhibernate-mapping-2.2assembly=Infranamespace=Infra.Entities>
<sql-query name=GETMYDATA>
return class=Kav>
return-property column=Kav.MAKAT8name=MAKAT8/>
return-property column=Kav.DESCRIPTIONname=DESCRIPTION/>


5. Created the Entity class :

using System;

namespace Infra.Entities
public class Kav : Entity
public virtual string Makat8 { get; set; }
public virtual string Description { get; set; }

6. Created the Mapping class for the entity:

namespace Infra.Entities.Mapping
public class KavMapping : EntityClassMap<Kav>
public KavMapping()
Id(x => x.Makat8).Column(“MAKAT8”).Length(10);
Map(x => x.Description).Column(“Description”).Length(50);


7. Added the mapping to the FNH configuration (the entities and hbm in the same assembly) :

.Mappings(m =>
} )

I’ve read Ayende’s post on connecting to SP , but I’m failing to connect.

How should I map the Kav so that I could get the list of entities from SP ?


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