OS: Windows 7 x64 bit

IIS : 7.5

You are opening your web site and there it is :


It’s coming with enigmatic messages like this :


So , if take a closer look , the only world that matters here is the “MIME” – that means that some handler of the pages you want to show is not installed properly on your IIS.

I was only trying to show

.aspx pages but with no luck, even though in the Handler Mapping in the IIS it’s been shown


I knew that the file that installs the extensions is called aspnet_regiis.exe .

After a quick search I’ve found a few of those.


So you can go to the Framework folder and find the files.

Pay attention that one is for Framework v4 and another for Framework v2.

So actually I had the handlers for the wrong Framework. My Website is Framework 3.5 , that means extension of Framework v2 are needed.

Run –> Cmd –>


And now you can watch your handlers again :


It has added the Framework v2 extension for .aspx pages as well.

(Interesting thing to see , that hence my OS is 64 bit it’s automatically installs support handlers for 32 bit OS as well ).

That’s it , now you can see your .aspx pages.