For two days now I can not access my best forum – !

Does anyone have any idea , when it will be restored?

One of the biggest warez website on the net, warez-bb is down for almost 24 hours now. These are really worrying signs for millions of people who were downloading movies, music, software from it as warez-bb was huge in size and content. Infact its probably the double the size of its nearest rival projectw.

Its difficult to comment why warez-bb is down right now and whether it has been taken down by authorities as its pretty obvious it being the biggest warez site of the planet, MPAA and RIAA will always be looking to shut them down.

It seems they are having some hardware problem and the network guys are looking to solve it though it is hard to believe that  it’s taking them so much time to solve it , but on the other hand for sites like warez-bb , which are voluntarily based, such delays are expected. (reports of guys from India).

For now projectw also is a good option, nevertheless I hope warez-bb will snap out of it and quickly!


So if anyone has any idea please add a comment ..

Maybe it’s geographically connected  .

No luck in connecting from Israel , nor from India as I understand..